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Mars Retrograde and the Power of Stagnation

I thought I would write today about the dreadful power of stagnation.

Stagnation is something I figure all people struggle with in some degree, but with Mars currently in retrograde, perhaps it is felt more keenly now than at other times.

The influence of Mars affects the will, your impulse for action, decisiveness, and your sex drive, among other things. When Mars is direct, those traits can generally be expected to be less hindered by cosmic influences. But when Mars is retrograde, it can put quite a damper on the fire that drives us forward. You may find yourself wrestling with a lack of motivation or find it easier to procrastinate, even if action is begging to be taken.

Of course, the power of the human will is an extraordinary thing and we all have our freedom to choose and to act, regardless of whatever influences may be acting upon us. And hey, maybe you think astrology is bunk. In my experience, I’ve been given what I consider to be some pretty credible reasons to pay respect to it, but to each their own. The important thing to understand is that no matter what is acting upon us, the power is in our hands to take action, be decisive, and steer towards obtaining our desires.

You are a free agent.

With that being said, let’s delve into some of the ways that stagnation affects us.

Stagnation Leads to Boredom

As a parent, I’ve heard my children say “I’m borrrred” more times than I can count. I’ve told them to stay busy just as often, and that if they are bored, they just need to find something to do. I heard the same things when I was a child, too. It makes sense. But ironically, as an adult, I don’t always take my own advice. We know it’s true, but it’s so hard to do.

So often, just taking the first step (to do anything) is always the hardest part. In fact, we can refer to Newton’s First Law of Motion here, which states that an object at rest stays at rest, but an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by another force. Once you “get the ball rolling,” so to speak, it is easier to keep the ball in motion. Being bored isn’t of itself a thing of such terrible consequence, except that over time it subtly creates a lack of inspiration, a black hole that seems to grow bigger and deeper the longer it is left unchecked, and that seems to suck all the joy and interest out of life. It’s cancerous. It’s its own kind of negative motion, and instead of going up, it goes down, taking you with it.

This takes us to the next level of stagnative hell.

Stagnation leads to lack of creativity

As you sit and stew in your ennui, sinking further into the black hole of boredom, your creativity begins to suffer paralysis.

It is terribly difficult to feel creative when the pleasure you derive from engaging your curiosity is being slowly drained away.

It should be noted that the importance of creativity isn’t only relevant to writers or artists. Creativity is a necessary nutrient for all people in all walks of life. It is one of the key ingredients you need to approach life with resilience and ingenuity. It is what enables you to think outside of the box, step outside of your bubble, and tackle problems in new and better ways, whether those issues be related to work, yourself, or your relationships with other people.

Creativity is the rocket fuel of inspiration that leads to a better life, and if you ever wish to blast off to new and better horizons, you must have a steady and replenishing supply.

But as your creativity ebbs away, you become less able to approach life with that resilience and ingenuity. With increasing frequency, mistakes tend to be left uncorrected, and inefficient patterns and habits begin to dominate. You get into what is known as a “rut” or a “slump.” And nothing is pulling you out.

Stagnation leads to depression

Spending your life in a rut or a slump creates prime conditions for the onset of depression. As human beings, we need nourishment to survive and thrive. Our psyches need nourishment as well. Without the things in life that bring us excitement, adventure and stimulation, everything begins to look and feel the same. We need variety and challenge. However, inane repetition begins to create an empty sense of meaninglessness, and if something isn’t done about it, depression is bound to take root. Persistent unhappiness and discontent is the offspring of this malaise. And what’s worse is that now a cycle has begun, creating a bottomless downward spiral, and this whirlpool of negativity can utterly ruin your life.

Indeed, it is said that in nature, that which stagnates, dies. Just as a heart that has stopped pumping blood or a brain that quits functioning will lead to death of the body, so stagnation leads to the death of things that make life worthwhile.

And when that happens, it’s almost as if you might as well be dead. Power to Overcome Well, although those details have been rather gloomy and frightening, it’s important to have awareness of stagnation and the ways it can create rot in your life. Stagnation is a silent and subtle thief. It steals your time and robs you of happiness.

Awareness is the important first step to remediate the issue.

Within each of us is the ability and strength to overcome it and release ourselves from its tentacled grasp. Some have greater reserves of inner strength than others, but the critical thing to remember is that all we have to do is get started.

Take some step, any step at all. Begin some action. Move.

Once you get moving, the next steps become easier and easier. Then focus on repeating those steps. Simply move in the direction of what you want, because any movement is better than no movement at all.

Discouragement may set in. You may not feel you are moving fast enough. You may feel your ability to consistently take action wane and the strength of your will subside. Never fear. The strength of your will will grow as you continue on your path. The battle against stagnation can be fought and won by us all, even in the midst of pressures and influences outside of our control.

Just keep on moving.


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