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Shadowland Relaunches

Today marks the official relaunch of the Shadowland website!

And with that relaunch, there comes a somewhat different branding and purpose.

As you can see in the heading, it says “Life, Liberty and The Smashing Pumpkins.” This sums up what the general theme of this website will be. Because while this site originally started purely as a Smashing Pumpkins blog, it will no longer be exclusively just that. Rather, this will be a website and gathering place devoted to the exploration of topics as diverse as The Smashing Pumpkins’ artistic catalogue. And if you don’t know much about The Smashing Pumpkins, that means a vast variety of topics, all included under the headings “Life” and “Liberty.”

I also feel, appropriately, that these topics embody the true spirit of the band itself – because it’s not so much The Smashing Pumpkins that the band writes songs about – it’s about those aforementioned topics. The music and lyrics that have touched your lives have touched you in ways universal to all. And if anything, the over-arching, grand theme of their music has always promoted the free and objective pursuit of freedom and truth – as well as the liberty to discuss it openly.

And so, it all comes full circle, in a roundabout sort of way. The band about the music, the music about life, liberty, spirituality and the search for happiness, through all the ups and downs, wandering through the shadows, looking for the light.

May your visits to Shadowland lead you closer to it.

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