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Deep Six: The BC/MM Press Conference

The Huffington Post put out an article summing up the Billy Corgan/Marilyn Manson press conference, entitled 6 Things Billy Corgan Doesn't Like. It's an appropriately named title for the article, as the press conference tended to highlight Corgan's perhaps more verbose image in contrast to Manson's more laid-back one, if only slightly. This is not to imply that Corgan and Manson's views drastically differ, only that the dynamic of their presentation to the press and the fans highlighted their similarities and differences in mind-set and character, which was pretty interesting to watch - as well as some hilarious Manson and Corgan quips peppered throughout. The End Times Tour is going to be an interesting one indeed.

The interview lasts over an hour and begins at the 9:59 mark in the video above.

And for a taste of the End Times Tour, here's Manson's new Deep Six video.

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