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Day For Night is the "End of the Conversation" Band Started in 2006

In an interview with the L.A. Times, Billy Corgan describes Day For Night, the upcoming follow-up to Monuments to an Elegy, to be the "end of the conversation" that the band started in 2006 with the reformation of The Smashing Pumpkins.

In response to the interviewers question "Why continue?", Billy says, "I’m plotting. I feel like I started something, a conversation, when I brought the band back in 2006, and I want to finish that conversation. I don’t want to look back in 20 years and say, “Why didn’t you finish?” So I feel like one more record -- the one after this one -- that’ll be the end of the conversation."

In the article, Billy alludes to how he feels like in the music world, releasing an album doesn't mean the same thing it did in decades past and refers to it as a "cultural yawn." He also refers to the current state of pop as essentially the hair-metal of the 80's before it gave way to grunge, and says he feels like the musical world is in the very early stages of a similar transition.

Apparently, Day For Night is supposed to be the heavier album. "I told myself to make this record [Monuments] in exchange for making the other record. So it’s like this is the be-nice record and the other is the be-not-nice record. And it’s actually shaping up that way, although the original version of the be-not-nice record was kind of prettier and darker -- more like “Adore.” But as I go through this process, the be-not-nice is becoming be-really-not-nice. I’m totally ready to go there now."

What does it mean if Day For Night is the "end of the conversation?" Billy has denied the interpretation of his previous remarks that he will break up the band if the albums don't sell to his satisfaction, and has talked about The Smashing Pumpkins continuing on even without him in the future, if just to spite naysayers. Will the Smashing Pumpkins continue on, just with a "new conversation?" If so, what would that conversation be?

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