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Marilyn Manson Joins Smashing Pumpkins On Stage In London

What a night. In Smashing Pumpkins' London show, Marilyn Manson joined the band on-stage for the encore, playing Manson's new single "Third Day of a Seven Day Binge" and then Ava Adore. Essentially, you have on stage Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, The Killers, and Rage Against The Machine, all at the same time, rockin' out. And what's more, in the clips from Gigwise, you can really tell that Billy is having a good time. In fact, it seems like Billy has been having a good time at all of the shows on this tour, and it has really helped with the level of energy, excitement and quality of the shows. Something is different about this tour and the 2013 Oceania tour, that's for sure.

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