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Glass and the Rage Against The Machines of God - or, The Killers in me are The Killers in you.

So tonight's Chicago performance was the first offical SP show of the Monuments To An Elegy era. I actually think we've been in this era ever since he began recording the album, at least. And Ravinia was a good taste...but I guess this is the first SP show of that era. So cool.

The first offical show, with Billy, Jeff, Mark and Brad. When I look at Mark, who is on bass and has long hair, I can't help but think he ironically looks a bit like D'arcy from a distance...and Brad plays forcefully. I can see why Billy chose them. They fit the music and they hold their own and are accomplished musicians - seriously. In fact, I think


it's kind of cool to have an all male version of the band and I'm wondering how that is going to affect the vibe. Maybe give it a much welcome dose of testosterone and snarl? Just watching some of the youtubes of the performance tonight makes me think that their presence of their playing really helped energize Billy. Silverfuck was pretty mean.

So anyway - I guess we can call this version of the band Glass and the Rage Against the Machines of God.

Anyway, the setlit was alright. Again, a bit too many of "the hits" which disappoints me as a "tr00 fan," because I want to hear more obscure diversity since I know there's so much other great stuff out there. But I understand the need to appeal to the masses. They played Drown, which was nice. And Glass and the Ghost Children. And as I mentioned, an excellent version of Silverfuck. And they also played the already released singles from MTAE, and seems like they ended it nicely with Burnt Orange Black. Since I wasn't there, I'm wondering if they did anything about the repetitive ending, or if it has evolved any. I actually really like the song over-all, but do agree it needs to kind of go somewhere with the end. Maybe they can work some studio magic on it.

By the way, judging from the snippets I've heard of the MTAE songs, they sound great live. I really hope I'll get to see them once more.

Here's the list as we know it:

One and All (We Are)

Being Beige



Tonite, Tonite

Drum + Fife

Glass and the Ghost Children

Stand Inside Your Love

(Unknown song) "what do you want me to do?"




Bullet With Butterfly Wings

Fame (David Bowie cover)


Encore: Burnt Orange Black

Also, thanks to for the pic above. :)

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