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Ivory Tower Plays ALL SP SET - Special Guest Mark Stoermer!

Tonight, the Ivory Tower (aka Billy Corgan) played an ALL SP set, and it was quite the line up. New touring bassist Mark Stoermer of The Killers also showed up! Here's to hoping this could be a preview of things to come.

Set as follows (special thanks to @SPumpkinhotties for posting these!) :

A Stitch In Time Speed Kills One and All Plume Suffer Inkless That's The Way (my love is) Clones (we're all) Behold! The Night Mare Geek U.S.A. Tiberius Where Boys Fear To Tread The Sacred and Profane Violet Rays Apples + Oranjes Siva Whir Being Beige God Rocket Blue Skies Bring Tears Oceania Annie Dog

Drum + Fife

An Ode to No One

Daydream (Billy on vox)

La Dolly Vita

Pale Horse

Heavy Metal Machine

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