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Monuments To An Elegy Cover Details - Single Due "Any Day"

So the Monuments To An Elegy cover has now dropped, and the rumor is that it's one of the two Art Institute of Chicago lions that stand in front of the building's entrance. Just search images for "art institute lions" and see for yourself.

They both look a little different from each other. One has a more pointed ear and mouth open and posed a bit differently than the other, while the other has a more rounded ear and mouth closed. My opinion is that this might be the latter one.

It's certainly not out of the ordinary for The Smashing Pumpkins to put Chicago landmarks in their artwork, or in the case of Oceania, directly on the front cover of the album.

And the first (will there be more??) single is said to be "due any day," according to the Official Smashing Pumpkins Nexus. We'll see how this plays out - but count me excited.

Discuss more at Shadowland Forums.


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