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About That Other Former Smashing Pumpkins Bassist...

In recent SP headlines, Nicole and D'arcy have captured the news of late, the former for her departure, and the latter for her seeking out of both Billy and Jimmy on Facebook. So what has one of the other former Smashing Pumpkins bassists been up to lately? In a September 12th interview linked here, we find out exactly what the famed and respected Melissa Auf Der Maur has been busying herself with - like renovating a 19th century factory in New York and turning it into an art space and music festival. She also discusses her passion for art and the integrity of approaching it, as well as her recent dealings with former members of Hole and her original joining of The Smashing Pumpkins through her relationship with Billy Corgan.

Says MADM, " Pisces are astrology maniacs. We believe in magic, we believe in the afterlife, we believe in dreams telling us what to do in real life, absolutely. Billy Corgan is a Pisces too, which is essentially why I joined the Smashing Pumpkins. When he and I met, I was 19. He was like “you were born on St Patrick’s Day? I was born on St Patrick’s Day! We’re soulmates!”

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