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In a somewhat uncommon display of media approval, has given the Ravinia show 5 stars out of 5 - which is really quite a glowing endorsement.

"Billy Corgan gave Ravinia fans more than their money's worth with his long and amazing performance, proving he is every bit as relevant and talented now as he was when his Smashing Pumpkins were leading the album sales charts. The man consistently writes great music and puts on great shows and this night at Ravinia was something really special that the audience will remember fondly for years to come."


And as for the fan-criticized so-called awkward moment when Billy brought out the wrestlers on stage to sing "Of A Broken Heart? It says:

"It was a real feel-good moment and an amazing way to close out the show. The crowd gave another huge round of applause as Billy left the stage."

Say what you want about the course of Billy's career and where it may be heading. But Ravinia has been a smashing success and is a promising sign of things to come. In Billy's own words, there's no boundaries of eras, bands or songs now with upcoming shows. Everything is game. Exciting times to come.

Discuss more at Shadowland Forums.

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