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The Unnamed Soldier?

This Memorial Day weekend, the buzz continues in the Smashing Pumpkins community about the identity of the "unnamed soldier" that has apparently been recording bass in the studio for the new album. Whether or not this person has been doing all bass parts or just helping out is also unknown. Not much is known at all, because Billy's lips have been very tight on the matter.

The buzz comes from the May 16th blog entitled "Echoes" from the Panopticon website, in which Billy says in regards to recording "all that was left were T Lee’s drums and a bass played by an unnamed soldier."

With Nicole not recording on the album, who could the bassist be? And who will be the touring bassist? Would Nicole make a return for the tour, or would it be someone new all together?

Could it be the return of Ginger Pooley, aka, Ginger Sling?

Probably not. But I think her ability as an artist is over-looked, and this is a good opportunity to give her some spotlight.

And for the record - I think her return would be great. Then we'd just have to get Jimmy back, and the 2007 line-up would be reborn! Full circle. The lyrics from Zwan's Settle Down suddenly come to mind....

whatever i can do, i will 'cause i'm good like that for seven years, seven days, and seven hours i took my chances, yeah whatever i can do, i will 'cause i want

Come July, it would be seven years since 7/7/07, wouldn't it?

Check out Ginger's latest single, post-Pumpkins - The Hard Road.

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