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Aegean Dream

In a recent interview with radio station 93XRT in Chicago, Billy Corgan was asked about what the inspiration was for the title of his up-coming experiemental album Aegea (recorded in his apartment in 2007).

Chimed the co-host, "Well "Aegea" is interesting because it reminds high school Greek and Latin students of oh, you know, ancient that what it's based on?"

To which Billy replied, "Well, with electronic music there's no singing on the stuff, you're trying to kind of in essence find something that sort of sums up the vibe. And that's how I was thinking back to some of those Tangerine Dream titles where it had kind of, you know, just the title would kind of give you a vibe, even though you didn't know what it was about. So I kind of tried to find something I thought was appropriate to the feeling that the music was giving me."

In other words, sounds like the tried and true method of naming Pumpkins songs. Below is a link to some Tangerine Dream, it's very much about getting electronic vibes, if that is any indication to what Aegea might possibly sound like, conceptually. Have a listen.

Aegea is planned to initially be released with 250 copies, hand numbered and annoted by Billy Corgan, with a price range in the ball-park of $60, with possibly a May or June release date. (Source:!News-on-AEGEA-WPCs-Upcoming-Private-Press-Record-Release/c7ba/1470738B-3C10-433B-BFC4-98D2EB7F9510 )

Source: At 7:20 talks about naming of Aegea.

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