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The Caped Crusader Strikes Again! An O-Board Obituary

Well, that was that.

The O-Board (official Smashing Pumpkins message board) is now officially gone.

The plug was pulled with the advent of the Smashing Pumpkins Nexus website, which replaced the entire old website as it was. It is now a streamlined series of blog posts posted by Billy updating the day to day progress of recording the newest pair of Smashing Pumpkins albums. A minimalist approach.

For those keeping record, the original O-Board existed from approximately 2000 - 2003 when it morphed into the Zwan website, along with it's message board. When Zwan imploded, the Zwan website eventually went with it and in 2004, it morphed yet again into, where Billy posted occasional blog updates - sans message board.

Then came the dark years, where no official message board existed at all, and the Great Pumpkin Diaspora reached its height, and the Board Wars began as Pumpkins fans were left to wander to and fro from unofficial, fan-created boards. And although the Smashing Pumpkins again re-launched a new website with the band reformation and coming of Zeitgeist in 2007, an official Smashing Pumpkins message board would not be reborn until February of 2009.

The Smashing Pumpkins O-Board v2.0 lasted from February 2009 - March 2014. RIP.

But - there is a silver(cranked) lining.

With the demise of the O-Board, a new face dawns. Welcome to Shadowland.

Once In Awhile,

The Shadows

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